Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Gold Coast Titans: Tale of a Salary Cap Breach

As we all know the Titans have made some very semi long term deals. Jamal=5 years Douglas=3 years* Champion=3 years. The question has been raised how can the Titans, who as we know are not a financially healthy club, can afford these players? Well that's simple and I shall explain in the following paragraphs further on.

What I'd like to say before venturing onto speculations of how we can afford these players is that it is stupid wasting all this money on player talent to try to bring fans in but won't improve the fucking infrastructure at Skilled Park! It's a cunt to go to for games at least put a fucking car park there for fuck sakes! Now moving on may i present The Jetstar Gold Coast Titans salary blanket.

First all players were given a house next to or in the same street as Princey.

Second all players were given boats to enjoy in the Gold Coast sun.

Third all other players are only playing for pizza vouchers.

Fourth they have hired a 24 hour beautician to look after Jamal.

Fifth Douglas doesn't have to play for the sharks.

Sixth Champion did not like the boat Melbourne offered him. He prefered the 18 footer that the Titans offered.

Seventh all will be appearing in Jamal's tv show flop.

*may not be accurate

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